Why is the World moving towards Alternative Energy?

Alternative energy is energy that is gathered from fossil fuels and other naturally available resources like coal, gas, oil etc. This is also called renewable energy because the energy sources can create more energy once it is consumed. But in the natural energy sources are perishable and cannot be gathered again once it is consumed. The natural resources of the world have a limit. And the limit is coming to an end. So the researchers have been working to find a reliable alternative source of energy that can fill up the demand of energy of the world. There are some sources that can produce alternative energy with some extent and lessened the use of natural resources, but still, there is no one for all solution. Websites like https://www.alternative-energies.net/ have information about the latest discoveries in the alternative energy segment. Sun rays, wind, waves, tides and biowastes are being used as the source of alternative energy. All of these contain energy which was unused before. But in today’s world, the researchers have developed methods to convert this kind of available energy sources as renewable energy. No matter what happens the sun will always shine. If the sun loses its energy the world will end. And for the imbalance caused by the heat from the sun, there will be wind and waves. Bioenergy is converted from waste materials which were simply dumped before. The energy sources reduced pressure from the mineral energy sources but could not yet provide a permanent solution to the problem. The world needs electricity. And till now the most cost effective method is burning the coal that is gained from coal mines. Another popular method to create electricity is to burn oil to run a turbine to make electricity. The methods need mineral resources which are perishable. So the world is trying to find renewable and sustainable sources of electricity.


Use of fossil fuels also endangers the safety of the world. During the twentieth century, the use of fossil fuel created environmental pollution and damaged the atmosphere. Tons of carbon-di-oxide and carbon monoxide had been discharged in the environment. If this trend continues then the atmosphere will be damaged and ultraviolet sun rays will cause different diseases among the people. Global warming is holding the heat in the earth. With the continuous impact of these people are now facing skin cancer and other diseases more often compared to before. The polar areas of the world are melting. An average rise of the sea level has already been recorded. A large part of the earth is going under water. Climate change is also a matter of concern. Rivers are drying and salt water is covering more and more places of the world. So the lack of sweet drinkable water will also be an issue. Salt water will also make a large area of the world infertile.

Only using of renewable energy can lessen these problems. To prevent these issues caused by global warming the authorities of different countries around the world is trying to reduce carbon discharging.